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Notice on pre-sale setting and delivery arrangement of stores

Dear Toonies User:

As the Spring Festival is approaching in 2023, the manufacturers have successively closed the market and suspended the distribution of goods and the logistics has suspended the collection of goods in combination with the operation time of the manufacturers and logistics. In order to effectively make work arrangements, Toones has made the following notice on the delivery of goods:

1. Shop pre-sale settings

All sellers are requested toBefore January 5Set the pre-sale time of the store. The pre-sale time of the store is30 daysAll businesses must verify whether the store has completed the pre-sale setting on January 5 to avoid that the order cannot be shipped within the specified time, which will lead to the system's overdue cancellation(be careful:The cancellation of pre-sale or shortening of pre-sale time will be notified again after the resumption of the Spring Festival according to the arrival of goods by the manufacturer)

2. Delivery arrangement

In order to avoid the high out of stock rate caused by the manufacturer's market closure, Toonies started from January 6 to 13(Date of suspension of collection of logistics)Only generate order distribution labels for single goodsOrders for several commodities will be processed after the Spring Festival. The last day of delivery in the warehouse is January 13.

The comprehensive holiday of Tony Supply Chain is on January 19, when the online customer service of the website can leave a message, which will be followed up after the resumption of work. If you need assistance in an emergency, please contact the official telephone number.

3. Resumption time

January 29thToonies warehouse resumes shipment

If you need any advice or assistance during the holiday, please leave a message to the official online customer service of Toonies. The Spring Festival of 2013 is coming. I wish you all a prosperous business in the new year!Money and treasures will be plentiful!Everything goes well!

attach:Shop pre-sale setup steps

Step 1:Logistics settings


Step 2:Click Edit-Change shipment days to30 days-Click Update



January 4, 2023

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