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ChuWei Service For Agency Operation

At the beginning, more than 1000 enterprises were engaged in agent operation services, involving up to 500 categories. Keen sense of market, timely grasp of industry hot spots, make success easier.


"火蟻” Shopee台湾站男装店铺第一名
“Flower” Shopee台湾站女装店铺第二名
“衣品朝都” Shopee台湾站女装店铺第三名
“LOVE-Flower” 泰国站女装店铺第一名

Why do you want to find an initial agent?

  • Saving time

    chuerp has tens of millions
    of trading experience
    No need to grope
    , stand on the high ground
    and lay out for you

  • Quick profit

    Professional team to create
    a fast fashion The fastest
    time from opening to selling
    is only 1 day

  • cloud operations

    Market analysis、Product
    positioning 、Visual design
    Store promotion、Store

  • Big data

    Update platform sales
    data in real time,
    Enterprise data

  • High-end design

    Mainstream design style,
    ultimate interactive experience,
    Enhance brand value

  • Whole network market

    Rapid promotion of products
    to the whole platform
    Multi channel drainage

Let us manage the shop, you will get unexpected results。

Service platform for initial operation

  • Shopee

    chuerp Through free and paid promotion Accurate flow introduction, targeted customer marketing, and create a burst!

    • Shop decoration
    • Diamond exhibition
    • Hot distribution
    • Off site promotion
  • TaoBao

    Provide Taobao one-stop e-commerce solutions,From build to marketing strategy making,Let sales and brand promotion!

    • Master plan design
    • Mainstream style
    • Main election
    • Make hot sell
The advantages of generation operation are the beginning of your success!


  • Professional elite team

    From actual combat to actual combat

    There is a professional creative team here, with many years of market and e-commerce brand operation experience as the core strength. Here we gather a group of industry elites who are passionate enough to subvert the traditional industry.

  • Years of practical experience

    Our storage is to make you fruitful

    In many years of practical operation experience, a large number of e-commerce promotion channels, marketing activities and distribution resources have been accumulated. We have established a mature trusteeship concept and operation system.

  • Technology competitive of success

    Make success easy

    Self built e-commerce big data system, real-time monitoring of the industry, control of all aspects of data information and integration, analysis. Technology and strength are the basis of our generation's operation.

  • Safe and secure

    Create a new chapter with customers

    Safety is guaranteed, and the needs of customers are our eternal goal. We are a real win-win company with customers, and the revenue and benefit are linked to achieve win-win cooperation

WhatsApp:+86 18613022308

Wechat / 微信:chuwei00001

Please fill in accurately

So that we can arrange the right operation manager to solve the problem for you

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