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Delivery time limit

We will deliver the goods as soon as possible according to the payment order, usually within the delivery period of the goods. In some cases, there may be delays due to the epidemic situation or objective logistics factors. Please wait patiently.

For delivery from Chinese warehouse, the estimated transportation time limit is 15 to 30 days for ordinary logistics and 5 to 10 days for fast logistics.

Logistics mode

We will check the logistics mode you choose when placing an order, and the goods will be sent through the logistics mode you specify.

Logistics channels include Toonies logistics, China Post, EMS, FEXDEX, DHL, ups and J & amp; T. USPS, CJ, black cat house.

Order change

You can cancel the order in the personal center before the goods are delivered, and we will refund it in full. If you apply to cancel the order after the goods are delivered, we will deduct the logistics expenses from the order amount.

Logistics query

Please log in to Toonies mall with your order account and view the logistics dynamics in the order details in the personal center; Or contact the online customer service of Toonies mall.

Signing instructions

1、When confirming the order, please try to leave the address and contact number you can sign for, so that you can receive the goods smoothly.

2、When the goods are delivered, please check whether the outer packaging is intact and whether the type and quantity of goods are consistent with the contents of the order. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us in the presence of the courier.

3、If I cannot sign in person, please entrust others to sign in and operate in strict accordance with Item 2.

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