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Clothing supply chain with daily delivery of 100000 pieces

  • Top three women's Taobao sales
  • No.1 sales volume of ezbuy women's wear
  • Shopee ranks first in men's clothing sales
  • Shopee ranks first in women's clothing sales

Introduction to cooperation mode

Mode 1


Whole store delivery

Store binding to Toonies ERP

After the order is issued, the system pulls the order

Direct delivery by Toonies

Distributors do not need to purchase goods under pressure

Zero inventory zero risk

Operation fee < / P > < P style = "font size: 12px;" > 2.2-3 CNY / piece

( Mode 1 is applicable to products of Toonies supply chain on shopee platform, and only one category of men's and women's shoes or children's clothing is put on the shelves )

Mode two

Distributor procurement

Distributor orders

After the shop orders

Place an order and purchase on the Toonies platform

Self delivery

Operation fee < / P > < p > 2 CNY / piece

( Mode 2 is applicable to stores with mixed multi category products, some of which are products of Toonies supply chain, or stores with mixed men's, women's and children's wear in Toonies supply chain )

Product richness

Covering children's and men's wear, 1000 product are updated every day to meet different prices, styles, specials, European and American styles.


Specific distribution process

Customer service
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