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How to bind WordPress stores

Application for API Certificate in worepress store

1. before starting this step, you must have your own worepress website The worepress version is about 4.5 and the woocommerce plug-in is installed. The plug-in version is greater than 3.5

2. set the country and currency in the worepress background woocommerce plug-in

3. you can apply for API certificates directly from the background of woocomerce plug-in in the background of worepress

1、 Get store URL

1. open your WordPress website, please check the top right corner of the home page The URL must contain the complete HTTP or https

2. as shown in the following figure, the red arrow stores url


2、 Application API

1. log in to your WordPress background, please check the woocommerce in the menu->"Settings".

2. as shown in the following figure, click"Settings"Button.


3. click Advanced and select rest api


4. add a key


5. fill in relevant contents, generate API key


6. find the corresponding API key, secret


7. then click legacy api Tick enable the legacy rest API and save itimage.png

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