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How to calculate the sales price of Rakuten store?

How to calculate the selling price of Rakuten?

-When you publish the product to Rakuten, Toonies has calculated the product price according to the user's preset profit margin and discount price

-Pricing = (cost + operation fee + freight + warehouse transfer fee) / 0.985 * (1 + profit margin) / discount / exchange rate of the region (or country)

(The pricing includes commodity cost, Toonies operation fee, freight, warehouse transfer fee, platform Commission, profit margin, discount and exchange rate)

How much do I have to pay Toonies?

-Toonies charges a handling fee per piece

Toonies withholding = cost price of goods issued on behalf + operation fee + warehouse transfer fee + freight

The following currency values are CNY

-Classification of operation cost:

Platform sales0 - 1wThe operating fee isthreeelement

Platform sales1w - 5wDiscount of operating fee totwo point eightelement

Platform sales5w - 10wDiscount of operating fee totwo point sixelement

Platform sales10w - 20wDiscount of operating fee totwo point fourelement

Platform sales greater than20WThe operating fee can reach the maximum discounttwo point twoelement


-Operating fee details:

Product cost5element以下(含5element),The operating fee preference is unified as0.8element/件. The product will be marked with "minus"

Product cost5-10element(含10element),Halve operating expenses, i.e. the operation fee shall be charged at 50% of the specified operation fee, i.e1.5element/件, the product will be marked“reduce"Word

Product cost10element以上The operation fee remains unchanged according to正常收取,即threeelement/件.

Example of commodity operation fee:

①Product cost5element以下(含5element),操作费统一为0.8element/件 , the product will be marked“reduce"Word


②Product cost5-10element(含10element),Halve operating expenses,即操作费按照规定操作费50%收取. The product will be marked with "minus"


③Product cost10element以上操作费正常收取.


Toonies deduction example:

若用户在Toonies平台累计销量 0 - 1w件,操作费等级为threeelement/件.下图代发订单包含1件商品,订单的扣费明细如下图:





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