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How to bind coupang store?

1、 Log in to the "Toonies" account and click the personal Center - & gt; Coupang - & gt; to grant authorization.


2、 Click "add"


3、 Apply for API account

be careful:

① Before starting this step, you must register as a seller on the wing website

② You can directly from wing( )Apply for OpenAPI key

③ The key will be released immediately after application, but it may take 24 hours to take effect. Please bind the store the next day

3-1 obtaining access_ Key and secret_ KEY

① Click the left menu: seller information - & gt; Other merchant information - & gt; Issue the open API key and click the "get API key" button

② Check the "agree to API terms of use" and "agree to use category automatic matching" option boxes, and click the "agree to terms and obtain key distribution" button

③ Copy and saveACCESS_ KEYandSECRET_ KEY.



3-2 obtaining vendor ID

Click the left menu: seller information - & gt; Other seller information - & gt; Issue the open API key, and the column "enterprise code" isVendor ID.


3-3 get vendoruserid

Click the left menu: seller information - & gt; Account information, column "Id" isVendor User ID.


4、 Fill in the authorization information

① Store name can be customized

② Access key, secret key, vendor ID, vendor user ID are obtained from step 3

③ Select site

④ Select whether to send on behalf

⑤ Submit authorization


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