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How to turn on tiktok shop

How to turn on tiktok shop

The small shop is a platform to provide e-commerce services for businesses, helping businesses to broaden the cashing channels and improve the flow value. After opening small stores, businesses can carry out basic operations such as commodity creation and management, order query, delivery, after-sales, settlement, etc. in the PC version of the business management background.  

You can also choose a variety of liquidation methods according to your actual needs  

1. through the channel function of small stores, bind the APP numbers of their own media (such as: shaking, headlines, tiktok APP), add goods to your store in the personal windows of the home page, and achieve the display of the merchandise through video (long / short), live broadcast, etc.

2. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of the platform, you can apply to join the selection Alliance (i.e. CPS platform for commodities and talents, and merchants can set Commission for products, and talents can select and promote products)

3. Put in advertisement to achieve the marketing promotion target efficiently


Use a computer browser (Google browser is recommended) to access the website address: accounts, voice accounts, and any account of the channel in the volcano account can be registered or registered.

Small shop - Guide for enterprises to settle in

Please refer to the link:

Small shop - Guide for individual businesses

Please refer to the link:


1) After you have successfully registered, the login mode cannot be modified by self-service. Please select the most secure login account;

2) The account number on the channel app is only used for registration and land login. The association between small shop stores and channel numbers needs to be bound in the channel binding of stores after the shop is open;

3) Please do not cancel the account number on the channel app at will. After the cancellation, you will not be able to log in to the store.

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