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Distribution business

Seven advantages of toonis distribution

  • Over 200W massive SKUs, covering boys' and girls' wear
  • Fast delivery, 90% orders are delivered on the same day
  • Stable supply, high quality products, factory purchase price
  • More orders can enjoy the discount of operation fee reduction
  • Docking of platform customer managers and providing professional operation guidance
  • Payoneer customer manager docking, enjoy low rate cash withdrawal
  • Toonies customer manager interface, assist in operation and after-sales service
Introduction to Toonies

Cross border platform introduction

The transformation and upgrading of foreign trade economy will also promote relevant industrial clusters to expand the international market through cross-border e-commerce, enhance independent channels and independent brand influence, and enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises' industrial products. The downturn of traditional foreign trade, coupled with the relevant policies of the state to reduce the tariff of imported products, reform the tax system and restore the establishment of duty-free stores at ports, it seems that cross-border e-commerce will become the mainstream mode of foreign trade in the future, and it is likely to replace the traditional mode of foreign trade and become a new trend of future trade.

Cooperative brand

Although some consumers like Chinese products very much, they are often worried about quality problems. Although some domestic brands have unsalable problems, they are afraid of affecting their brand image and are unwilling to deal with sales directly in China. Through the form of overseas cross-border e-commerce network sales, a website with quality control is established, which caters to potential consumers and at the same time serves the domestic market The relatively unsalable products of brands provide a fast and low-cost sales channel, which is also the tenet of Toonies.

Introduction to Toonies

Company introduction
Toonies supply chain

Toonies, a brand of Guangzhou fire ant Clothing Co., Ltd., is one of the largest cross-border e-commerce supply chain companies in China. At present, the company mainly focuses on clothing products, including women's wear, men's wear and children's wear. In China, we have Guangzhou warehouse, Hangzhou warehouse and Huzhou warehouse. The distribution channels cover the mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Toonies ( ) is a professional clothing distribution service platform. We are committed to serving China's small and medium-sized enterprises and pushing China made products to the world. The seller does not need to build storage and logistics channels, as long as the products are published in their own sales stores and operated well, it can realize automatic delivery with orders and easily earn profits


Toonies ERP system ( ) is an efficient ERP processing system independently developed by the company. It is customized for the company, foreign trade enterprises and distribution consultants. It is a foreign trade ERP system that integrates order downloading, purchasing, logistics and delivery, and has efficient, fast and powerful processing functions, so that you and your company can easily achieve procurement Buy and ship all over the world.

Since its development,Toonies has more than 200 employees and 3000 square meters of office space. It is headquartered in Tianhe District of Guangzhou,a prosperous economy. It has branches in Hangzhou and Huzhou of Zhejiang Province. At present,it has more than 5000 distributors,good credit and sales. It is a cross-border e-commerce supply chain service company whose strength cannot be ignored.

Toonies is committed to being the most professional seller service provider, so that small and medium-sized sellers can easily start a business without leaving home. Build a high-quality e-commerce clothing supply chain platform to provide global customers with high-quality, cost-effective products made in China.

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