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It's simple! Just select love products from our product catalog and synchronize to your Kwai shop &. Tiktok shop & Taobao & amp; Mushroom Street shop. There are more than 300000 products to choose from. Sell first and only pay the wholesale price when you receive the order.

Successful cases

Ms. Li Xinyi, Changsha, Hunan
Hello, everyone, I am Li Xinyi from Hunan. I am a anchor on Kwai Chung. I have 100 thousand fans. I just contacted Toonies at the beginning of this year. I am very excited. Finally, I don't need to run wholesale market again and again. Through Toonies, I only need to pick samples online. After the live broadcast, Toonies will help me deal with orders and relieve my pressure. Thank you, Toonies!
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China's largest cross-border e-commerce distribution platform, you only need to deal with sales and marketing. We are responsible for product procurement and fulfillment. More than 300000 products can be used in unlimited quantity. One click publish to Tiktok / Kwai / Taobao /
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Successful cases

Chen Lulu - Xinyang, Henan
Since November 2019, we have been using Toonies tiktok distribution. Our anchors can choose from the Toonies product library. They do have many kinds of products. We save a lot of time in selecting new products every day. After the live broadcast, Toonies gives us 30 days to return the products and return the samples again. Toonies helps us realize zero inventory. Thank you, Toonies!

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